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About Us

The Ocean is Our Way of Life

We know that there is a very large ​​area of opportunity in diving, mainly in the equipment and facilities offered... That is why "Cha Cha Cha Dive Shop" was born; offering a first class service, with luxury boats completely adapted for diving, comfortable and safe.


With Cha Cha Cha you will not find broken, obsolete and/or old equipment, since our commitment is to offer you the best diving experience from the moment you book.


On the island of Cozumel there are hundreds of dive shops, but we stand out mainly for maintaining new and renewed equipment, guaranteeing the safety and comfort of our divers, as well as boats exclusively for diving, not fishing, and having experienced instructors for more than 30 years on the island, which guarantees taking you to the best diving sites to live a lifetime experience.


We are a conscientious company and we offer SNUBA services for people with different motor abilities or even people who want to live the experience of breathing underwater without having to carry an air tank on their back.

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